Selection of our work

You will benefit from our deep expertise on the topics, great structure & planning and proactive & hands on implementation.


Cofounding GmbH 🇨🇭

"No more failed business partnerships!"

As a consultant, helping her clients build cofounding teams that last, Jana came to us with tasks focused on presenting her business online, automating her business development and producing digital products:

Ghandchi Schmid Partners 🇨🇭

"In times of transformation and digitalization, bespoke advice is one of the most valuable contributions."

As a lawyer and owner of boutique law firm, Jasmin came to us with the task to make over & refresh her website, and prepare it for the hosting update. Our tasks involved:

Ghandchi Schmid Partners Website

D-Time 🇨🇭

"In need of Time?"

As a virtual private assistant, Dominique came to us with the task to launch her website so she can use it for business development:

Art Side of Life 🇨🇭

"Helping artists to live from their art"