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You will benefit from our deep expertise on the topics, great structure & planning and proactive & hands on implementation.


Cofounding GmbH 🇨🇭

"No more failed business partnerships!"

As a consultant, helping her clients build cofounding teams that last, Jana came to us with tasks focused on presenting her business online, automating her business development and producing digital products:

  • Setup Email Automation
  • Redesign website
  • Setup IT
  • Create Video Content​
  • Produce Online Course

Ghandchi Schmid Partners 🇨🇭

"In times of transformation and digitalization, bespoke advice is one of the most valuable contributions."

As a lawyer and owner of boutique law firm, Jasmin came to us with the task to make over & refresh her website, and prepare it for the hosting update. Our tasks involved:

  • Hosting and Software tools setup
  • Website makeover
  • Multilingual setup & translations
Ghandchi Schmid Partners Website

D-Time 🇨🇭

"In need of Time?"

As a virtual private assistant, Dominique came to us with the task to launch her website so she can use it for business development:

  • Setup CMS, SSL and Multilingual support
  • Build website based on custom designs
  • Optimize website for mobile

Art Side of Life 🇨🇭

"Helping artists to live from their art"

As business owners, we tasked ourselves with launching Art Side of Life from scratch, bringing new podcast show with a twist. We launched the project with the goal to generate multiple income streams and the tasks included:

  • Create Website & Social Media channels
  • Produce Video & Audio content (+200 episodes)
  • Reach Influencer status on Social Media (200k fans, 1 million views & listens)
  • Produce Online courses & tutorials
  • Setup Marketing funnels

Elevate Your Plate® 🇺🇸

"Your life doesn't get better by chance"

Melody, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer came to us with the task to makeover her website based on her vision and help her define her brand:

  • Website makeover
  • Optimize for Mobile
  • StoryBrand consulting 🇨🇭

"Treat yourself to a colorful night out"

As small business owners running creative events, Song and Martin came to us with tasks focused on understanding their audience and optimizing their Facebook Ad campaigns:
  • Analyze & optimize Facebook Ads
  • Design, run & analyze Market research

Software and Tools Setup

"Tools well setup allow you to switch gears up"

Small and medium business owners usually come to us with tasks focused on setting up their software and tools so they can efficiently run their businesses:

  • Setup tools for Files management & collaboration
  • Setup Marketing tools & funnels
  • Setup Online payment processing
  • Setup Social Media accounts
  • Setup Website hosting & management
  • Setup Automation tools

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